I’M Kanth, Ai CoE, Consultant, and International Trainer & I helped 15000+ people to achieve their transition. I Released this Guided Career Transition journal. To plan, and prioritise your career transition goals.

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Journaling is the art of planning, prioritizing and making your goals more achievable

Making a career transition is not an easy task. A lot of things included, a lot of things to manage, a lot of things may go unnoticed, and a lot of things seems unorganised. A lot of confusion, anxiety and stress. But still, we never got the solution to this problem.

Journaling is the solution, while we write down our plan or to-do list. It makes us organised and we can achieve a more within less time with the help of proper planning.

“Start your planning with our Guided Career Transition Journal”

  • We Deliver the Item within 5-7 Working Days
  • Suitable for Govt. Exam Preparation Learners
  • Suitable for Working Professionals who are planning for Career Switch
  • Guided Career Transition Journal Helps you to Increase your Productivity
  • Perfect Match for your Career Transition
  • Experience the only one Career Transition Journal

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