Full Stack Data Science & Gen AI Career Transition Program with DSA & Real-Time Experience

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Data Science Interview Revision

Data Science Interview Revision Mindmap!

Curriculum Designed To Build Experienced Data Scientist Knowledge

Software Development Skills

Machine Learning & AI Core Skills

Generative AI Skills

Data Warehousing & Business Skills

Mastering Python from Basics to Advanced Level upto DSA. Libraries include Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow, NLTK, Plotly, e.t.c.

Statistics & Probability

Prompt Engineering

SQL, Snowflake

Streamlit and Gradio

Machine Learning Algorithms with Math & Real-Time Project Pipelines

RAG Architecture Skills

Agile & MLOps Project Methodology

Github, MLOps

Natural Language Processing

LangChains, Amazon BedRock, Azure, OpenAI & Gemini

Data Visualization Skills like Power BI & Tableau

Cloud Based Deployments using AWS & Azure

Deep Learning Foundation

Business Acumen Skills & Analytical Thinking Skills

Data Science with Gen AI Live Classes

New Live Weekday Batch Start from 31st July, 2024 {8.00PM - 9.30PM}

Believe it or Not

"They are my students. It was their 100% hard work, my mentorship and content, and their luck that helped them secure their jobs!"

SmartBoard-Driven Content

95% learners fail in Interviews Due to Lack of Real-Time Project Pipelines

Real-Time Project Pipeline

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Why to Join BEPEC

Learn & Implement from Basics to Experienced Level Projects on Data Science

  • Remote Internship on Data Science

    Data Science Course + Remote Internship: The Perfect Blend for Your Career Growth!

  • Get Experience Certificate

    Boost Your Resume: Data Science Course with Experience Certificate & Recommendation Letter!

  • Data Science with Business Skills

    Master Data Science with a Focus on Business Acumen and Analytical Thinking!

  • Life Time Recording Access

    Lifetime Access to Smartboard-Enhanced Data Science Course!

  • No.1 Syllabus on Data Science

    Data Science Syllabus which covers Python, DSA, SQL, Applied Statistics, Excel, Machine Learning, Forecasting, Power BI, Tableau, R Programming, MLOps, Deployment, PySpark, Tensorflow, NLP & Deep Learning

  • Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms

    From Basics to Advanced: Explore Data Structures & Algorithms in Our Data Science Course!

  • Ace Your Interviews

    Ace the Interview: Data Science Course with Focused Resume and Interview Coaching!

  • Live Doubt Clarification Classes

    Data Science Interactive Q & A with Data Scientists: Weekly 2-3 Live Sessions to Resolve Your Doubts and Enhance Learning

  • Live Weekday Classes[Mon-Fri]

    Build Real-World Expertise with Interactive Weekday Live Classes by Data Science Managers & AI Engineers!

  • Course Designed for Everyone

    Data Science for Everyone: Begin with Basics and Progress to Expert Level Mastery!

Weekday Live Class Schedule

Learn Below Subjects

Type of Learning


Live Class Timings

Python, Flask, Streamlit, Gradio, Github, MLOps

Live Instructor Led Class


8 PM - 9.30 PM(IST)

SQL, Datalake, Datawarehouse, OLTP, OLAP, Cloud Based Data warehouse like Snowflake, SQL & NoSQL, Data Modelling, Power BI, Tableau & Excel

Live Instructor Led Class


8 PM - 9.30 PM(IST)

Statistics, Probability, Bayesian Concepts, Machine Learning Algorithms, NLP, Deep Learning Foundation & Generative AI

Live Instructor Led Class


9.30 PM - 11.00 PM(IST)

Business Acumen Skills, Communication Skills, Problem-Solving Skills & Analytical Skills with Use-Cases and using above skills in real-time projects.

Job-Simulation/Use-Case Implementation

Remote Work

Based on your availability

Data Science with Gen AI Live Classes

New Live Weekday Batch Start from 31st July, 2024 {8.00PM - 9.30PM}

Detailed Syllabus

Data Science Real-Time Projects End-to-End & Portfolio Building

  • End-to-End Data Modelling using Snow Flake
  • Data Ingestion, Data Transformation, Data Storage and Data Analysis – DataOps Pipeline Demonstration
  • Real-Time Data Integration and Analytics Platform
  • End-to-End Data Science Project with Amazon S3, Snow Flake, Spark & Snow Park
  • End-to-End Data Science Project Using Spark & Microsoft Fabric
  • AGILE CRISP: End-to-End Data Science Project Pipeline
  • Agile DataOps for Real-Time Credit Risk Scoring and Analysis
  • MLOps Pipeline: End-to-End Data Science Lifecycle using MLOps
  • Streaming Analytics: End-to-End Data Science Project

Data Science Course Syllabus

Induction Classes

Mastering Python[Zero to Hero]

Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms

Applied Statistics

Mastering Excel

Statistics with Real-Time Project Demonstration on EDA

Real-Time Project Demonstration on Probability Distributions, Hypothesis Testing

Real-Time Project Demonstration on Data Analysis Using Excel

Real-Time Project Demonstration on Data Analysis using Power BI & MySQL

Real-Time Project Demonstration on Data Analysis using Tableau

Mastering MySQL

Advanced MySQL

Mastering Tableau[Zero to Hero]

Mastering Power BI[Zero to Hero]

Unsupervised Learning with Real-Time Projects

Feature Engineering Techniques

Supervised Learning[70% Interview Questions]

Mastering NLP, NLU, NLG

PySpark: BigData Processing

MongoDB Mastering

Real-Time Projects to Work as Part of Job Simulation

ML Deployment & MLOps

Advanced Time Series with Real-Time Projects

Azure Machine Learning Engineering

AWS Sagemaker Studio


Hadoop MapReduce

HIVE Database

Deep Learning, Tensorflow & Keras

Computer Vision Mastering using Tensorflow

Transfer Learning with OpenCV & YOLO

Introduction to Generative AI

Open AI – Mastering

Mastering LangChains

Prompt Engineering with LangChains and Open AI

Generative AI End-to-End Projects

R Programming

Interview Questions: Frequently Asked Statistics

Mindmaps for Interview Revision

Interview Preparation

Course Files

Handwritten Notes

Live Classes

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5999Excl. GST
  • 350+ Hours of Holistic Learning Content
  • 5+ Project Use-Cases
  • Life-Time Live Doubt-Solving Access
  • Life-Time Recording Access
  • Internship Certificate
  • 6 Months Live Classes
  • 3 Months Remote Internship


17999Excl. GST
  • 350+ Hours of Holistic Learning Content
  • 50 Hours of Trainer Led Live Classes
  • 3 Months Remote Internship
  • 10+ End-to-End Real-Time Project Pipelines using AWS, Azure, Snowflake
  • 20+ Capstone Projects
  • 25+ Industry Case-Studies
  • 180+ Guided Hands-On Exercises
  • 45+ Assignments and Mini Projects
  • 1-on-1 Interview Mentorship with Kanth
  • Resume Building, Cover Letter & ATS Score Optimization
  • Mock Interviews with Kanth
  • Life-Time live Doubt Classes Access
  • Life-Time Recording Access
  • Internship Certificate

Live Classes

33499Excl. GST
  • 350+ Hours of Holistic Learning Content
  • 200+ Hours of Trainer Led Live Classes
  • 3 Months Remote Internship
  • 10+ End-to-End Real-Time Project Pipelines using AWS, Azure, Snowflake
  • 20+ Capstone Projects
  • 25+ Industry Case-Studies
  • 180+ Guided Hands-On Exercises
  • 45+ Assignments and Mini Projects
  • 1-on-1 Interview Mentorship with Kanth
  • Resume Building, Cover Letter & ATS Score Optimization
  • Mock Interviews with Kanth
  • Life-Time live Doubt Classes Access
  • Life-Time Recording Access
  • Internship Certificate

About Kanth

  • Kanth Worked as a Principal Data Scientist with proficiency in Machine learning, Deep Learning, Generative AI, and LLMs, with around 12+ years of involvement in conveying end-to-end project pipelines using AGILE CRISP, DataOps, Big Data Streaming Pipelines, and MLOps Pipelines
  • Kanth is an AI CoE and Six Sigma Certified. He is an AI Consultant for companies like Nokia, EY, Cognizant, BMW, DU Telecom etc. u00a0Kanth delivered AI Solutions using AI Software Stack.u00a0
  • Kanth has experience in delivering customized training on statistics, cloud computing, machine learning, deep learning, general AI, data engineering, data analytics, data science, and reinforcement learning.
  • Delivered Training Across Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Sudan etc.
  • Helped various organisations to implement AI & Gen AI using AI Software Stack & made them achieve tremendous financial gains
  • Experience in Delivering 100+ pieces of training for working Data Scientists and AI Engineers to Upskill them for Future Projects.
  • Experience in delivering 50+ PMP Programs, ITIL Programs, Agile Programs, etc
  • India – EY, Infosys, TechMahindra, ExlSolutions, Suzlon, Wipro, TCS, CSC, HCL, HP, Deloitte, IIT-Bhubaneswar, KIIT u2013Bhubaneswar, R&D u2013 Hyundai

  • Corporate training across different location like Dubai(Etisalat), Malaysia ( X-Fab), Canada(X-Axis), Singapore(DBS Bank)

  • Colleges u2013 Nearly 400+ Colleges all over India

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Learners Also Ask?

Most Asked Questions from 100000+ Learners from different backgrounds.

What is Data Science Course For?

Data Science Course enables people to perform Descriptive and predictive analytics using tools like Python, Power BI, Tableau, MySQL, Machine Learning, Statistics & NLP. Why use Descriptive Analytics? To share monthly reports/weekly/yearly reports with the management/leaders with the help of tools like Power BI & MySQL so that they can make business decisions with the help of a Business Dashboard developed by a Data Scientist. Why use Predictive Analytics? To enable statements about the future, for example, what will be sales in the next month? To perform those activities, data scientist uses Machine learning with Python. In a nutshell, Data Science is helping companies to make various decisions with the help of data.

Data Science Course Syllabus

To be a Job-Ready Data Scientist, Learn this Data Science Course Syllabus. First, start with Python, Power BI, MySQL, Statistics, Advanced Statistics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing & Deployment like Streamlit or Gradio. Practical knowledge and confidence are essential.

Is Data Science Course Hard?

The answer is 50-50; It’s not 50% Easy & 50% hard. Let me explain; topics like Python, MySQL, Power BI, Tableau, Excel, and Coding of ML Algorithms. You can learn them quickly with more practice. But Topics like Statistics, Advanced Statistics, Machine Learning algorithm math, NLP Math, Analytical Thinking and Approach explanation are Hard. So Allocate your time accordingly. With consistency and grit, you can achieve your transition 100%

Who is Eligible for Data Science?

Anyone with Any Degree/Any Engineering can take up a Data Science Career. But people with a math background find it more understandable. Even non-programmers can take up Data Science Career but need to give extra time to learn to program. So even though I’m from mechanical with zero programming knowledge, I have had a fantastic career in Data Science.

Can a Fresher Become Data Scientist?

The answer is a big “YES”. You can become Data Scientist as Fresher, but you must focus on Real-Time Projects in your Resume. How to get real-time projects as freshers without working? No need to worry. I will share three options to build Experience as a fresher.

  1. Take up any Internship for Free/Paid [Goal is to get Experience, not salary]
  2. Take up any freelancing work from a platform like Upwork or through LinkedIn connections.
  3. Take up BEPEC Data Science Programs and Build Experience in Data Science/Machine Learning/Data Analytics.
What is the Job after Data Science?

Once you complete the training, you can try various Job titles like Data analyst, Business Analyst, Decision Scientist, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, and NLP Engineer.

Is Data Science a Lot of Math?

Not really! Most of the math is from our Intermediate and a few from engineering. If you remember your intermediate math, you can learn and understand it quickly. You can learn math soon with more practice and mind map-based learning for easy learning and connections.

What is the future scope of Data Science?

I hope you may be confused with ChatGPT, AutoML, e.t.c., but those things may not automate or remove “Data Science Jobs”. Data Science is more of Analytical Thinking, Problem-Solving & Financial Gains. Companies are in the early stages of Data-Driven Decision Making. We can see a long future for Data Science professionals.

Is Data Science Easy for Non IT Students?

For Non-IT Students understanding Python & Machine Learning Math is a bit complex. We need to give more time for practice and revision on those topics. A lot of my students from Non-IT made successful career transitions.

How do I start a Career in Data Science?

First complete Job-Ready Data Science Course Syllabus like Python, Statistics, SQL, Power BI, Tableau, Advanced Statistics, Machine Learning Algorithm, Natural Language Processing & Deployment. Once completed, you can work on real-time projects, place them in your Resume, and start giving the interviews.

I'm having 8+ years of experience, Can I get Hike with Data Science?

You can get a salary hike from your current CTC with 8+ years of Experience. Roles & Responsibilities you place in your resume matter significantly in your salary hike and transition. For more info, please book a call consultation.

I'm having Experience, Can I shift to Data Science without Resigning?

Yes, you can transition to Data Science without resigning from your current job. We guide you so that once you receive an offer letter related to Data Science with a better salary and position, you can resign from your current job and shift to Data Science.

I'm having Career Break, Can I resume my career with Data Science?

Yes, you can shift to Data Science even with a career break; we helped many BEPEC learners resume their careers with Data Analytics, Data Science, or AI Jobs. So we got the right formula to restart your career after the break. So book a Call Consultation to get more info about that.

Starting Date of Live Classes?

Job-Ready Data Science Career Transition Program Going to Be Hosted on 31st July 2024, {8.00PM – 9.30PM(IST)} 

How Many Real-Time Projects?

10-12 Real-Time Projects you can work and you can place them in your resume.

Is it Live or Recorded Classes

It’s 100% Instructor Led Live Weekday Classes

Do I Get The Course Completion Certificate?

Yes, You are eligible for Course Completion Certificate & Internship Certificate. To get the certificate, please write an email to support@bepec.in

Can I Get the Recording of Live classes?

Yes, You can find all your recording content in your BEPEC Dashboard with Life time access.

Do I Get Files, Materials & Mindmaps

Yes, You receive Mindmaps, Files and Materials. 

I made the Payment, But unable to Access the Files

Please write us an Email: support@bepec.in

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