Data Engineer Career Transition Program: Highest Salary 6.3 - 24.9 LPA

Use-Case Driven Learning with 3Months of Learning + 1 Month of Internship

What You Will Learn In This Program: 
  • Advanced data modeling with Star Schema & Snowflake Schema
  • Building robust Data Lakes and understanding ELT & ETL processes
  • Mastering Python with Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Utilizing PySpark on AWS, Azure Databricks, and more
  • Implementing real-world solutions with Snowflake Data Warehouse
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Orchestrating data workflows with Apache Airflow and managing streams with Apache Kafka, Zookeeper, Kinesis
  • Plus, in-depth learning of Hadoop ecosystem, Cassandra, MongoDB, MapReduce, YARN and Pig
  • Completing 6-7 comprehensive end-to-end data pipeline projects using DataOps

Learn Below Top Data Engineer Syllabus from BEPEC

Our syllabus which helped our learners achieve a successful career transition, with potential salaries ranging from 6.3 LPA to 24.9 LPA.

Software Development Skills

Data Warehousing Skills

Cloud Based Skills

Big Data Skills

Mastering Python from Basics to Advanced Level upto DSA. Libraries including Pandas, Beautiful Soup, PySpark, e.t.c.



HDFS, MapReduce

SnowFlake, RedShift

AWS For Data Engineering Pipelines like S3, Athena, Glue, Redshift, Kinesis, EMR, e.t.c

YARN, Pig, Apache Spark, Apache Drill

MongoDB, Cassandra

Azure for Data Engineering like Azure Data factory, Synapse Analytics, EventHub, Microsoft Fabric

Apache Airflow, Apache Kafka, Zookeeper

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Step-1: Learner Background Analysis

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Step-2: Preparing Right Skillset Based on Your Background

researching on right Job Roles which suits your background

Based on your background, location, and years of experience, we tailor roles and responsibilities to match the challenges you encounter. This approach ensures your resume gets shortlisted and enhances your chances of success in interviews. Our customized syllabus is designed with the relevant skill set to effectively support your career advancement.

PReparing the Customised syllabus based on job roles

We design a customized syllabus and roadmap based on your background. This allows you to learn the relevant material and work on interesting use cases, which can help your resume get shortlisted and improve your chances of clearing interviews.


Step-3: Developing Job-Ready Skills

With our Live Classes, Use-Case Classes, Doubt Resolution Sessions, and Comprehensive Learning Content, we help you develop a job-ready skillset in Data Engineering. Our program equips you with the knowledge and expertise to target roles such as Data Engineer, at a proficiency level equivalent to 1-2 years of professional experience.

Skillset To Learn
Mode of Learnings

Job-Ready Data Engineer Skillset

Type of Learning


Timing of Class

Cloud-Based Platforms: Cloud-Based Tools like AWS, Azure, SnowFlake, RedShift, DataBricks, Azure Data Factory

Live Instructor Led Class


9.30 PM - 11.00 PM(IST)

Datawarehousing Skillset: SQL, Datalake, Datawarehouse, OLTP, OLAP, Cloud Based Data warehouse like Snowflake, SQL & NoSQL & Data Modelling

Live Instructor Led Class


8 PM - 9.30 PM(IST)

BigData Skillset: Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, YARN, Apache Drill, Kafka, Apache Spark, MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, ZooKeeper, Pig Script & Apache Airflow

Live Instructor Led Class


9.30 PM - 11.00 PM(IST)

Real-Time End-to-End Pipelines: End-to-End ETL Pipeline using Azure, End-to-End Streaming Pipeline using AWS, Kafka & Airflow, End-to-End Pipeline using Databricks

Porfolio Building


9.30 PM - 11.00 PM(IST)


5999Excl. GST
  • 250+ Hours of Content
  • 10+ Project Use-Cases
  • Live Doubt Classes Access
  • Life-Time Recording Access
  • Internship Certificate
  • 3 Months Live Classes
  • 1 Month Remote Internship


17999Excl. GST
  • 250+ Hours of Content
  • 10+ Project Use-Cases
  • Live Doubt Classes Access
  • Life-Time Recording Access
  • Internship Certificate
  • Live Classes Access for 2 Subjects
  • 1 Month Remote Internship

Live Classes

29999Excl. GST
  • 250+ Hours of Content
  • 20+ Project Use-Cases
  • Live Doubt Classes Access
  • Life-Time Recording Access
  • Internship Certificate
  • 3 Months Live Classes
  • 1 Month Remote Internship

Data Engineer Live Classes

New Live Weekday Batch Start from 31st July, 2024 {8.00PM - 9.30PM}

Data Engineer Career Transition Syllabus

100% Sure! Having Right use cases in your resume can significantly increase your chances of clearing interviews.

End-to-End Real-Time Projects & Internship Projects

  • Data Engineering Project Pipeline using AWS, S3, PySpark & SnowFlake
  • AirFlow, AWS S3, Glue, PySpark & Amazon RedShift Data Engineering Project Pipeline
  • AWS S3, Glue, PySpark, Athena & Quick Sight Project Pipeline
  • Kafka, EMR, PySpark & Amazon RedShift End-to-End Project
  • HDFS Data Lake, PySpark & MongoDB Project Pipeline
  • Star Schema & SnowFlake Schema Design using SnowFlake Data Warehouse Pipeline
  • Kafka, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks & Synapse Analytics Project Pipeline
  • Automatic Ingestion using SnowPipe, S3 & SnowFlake
  • SnowPark, SnowFlake, Stored Procedures Data Science Project Pipeline Design
  • SnowFlake Cron Jobs, Aggregations using SQL & Reporting using Power BI Pipeline

Introduction to Data Warehouse

Mastering Python

Introduction to SnowFlake

Mastering MySQL

Big Data & Streaming Tools

Big Data Scheduling

Mastering HIVE

Big Data on Cloud

AWS Data Collection & DataLake

Amazon Kinesis

Data Loading/Ingestion and Extraction

Big Data on Azure

DataBricks and Data Factory

PySpark Mastering


Mastering MongoDB

Tables in Snowflake

Tasks and Query Scheduling

Streams and Change Data Capture

Snowflake – External Functions

Snowflake with Python, Spark, and Airflow on AWS

Real-Time Streaming with Kafka and Snowflake

Snowflake – Data Protection and Governance

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Step-4: Portfolio Development with Use-Cases, Resume Shortlisting, Mock Interviews & Interview Guidance

95% learners fail to get Interview Calls!!

We help you achieve this with our dedicated, industry-demanded use cases, providing the right resume templates and key points to highlight. Additionally, we prepare you for interviews with our mock interviews and expert interview guidance.

Step-5: Post-Placement Support, Collect Internship Certificates and Portfolio Certificates

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Meet Your Trainer

Corporate Trainer | AI & Gen AI Consultant | International Trainer | 

  • Kanth Worked as a Principal Data Scientist with proficiency in Machine learning, Deep Learning, Generative AI, and LLMs, with around 12+ years of involvement in conveying end-to-end project pipelines using AGILE CRISP, DataOps, Big Data Streaming Pipelines, and MLOps Pipelines
  • Kanth is an AI CoE and Six Sigma Certified. He is an AI Consultant for companies like Nokia, EY, Cognizant, BMW, DU Telecom etc. u00a0Kanth delivered AI Solutions using AI Software Stack.u00a0
  • Kanth has experience in delivering customized training on statistics, cloud computing, machine learning, deep learning, general AI, data engineering, data analytics, data science, and reinforcement learning.
  • Delivered Training Across Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Sudan etc.
  • Helped various organisations to implement AI & Gen AI using AI Software Stack & made them achieve tremendous financial gains
  • Experience in Delivering 100+ pieces of training for working Data Scientists and AI Engineers to Upskill them for Future Projects.
  • Experience in delivering 50+ PMP Programs, ITIL Programs, Agile Programs, etc
  • India – EY, Infosys, TechMahindra, ExlSolutions, Suzlon, Wipro, TCS, CSC, HCL, HP, Deloitte, IIT-Bhubaneswar, KIIT u2013Bhubaneswar, R&D u2013 Hyundai

  • Corporate training across different location like Dubai(Etisalat), Malaysia ( X-Fab), Canada(X-Axis), Singapore(DBS Bank)

  • Colleges u2013 Nearly 400+ Colleges all over India

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